Student Inventor & Parent or Guardian Information

Invention Convention inspires students to use critical thinking and creativity to invent solutions to everyday problems.

Have a great idea for an invention? Enter Invention Convention!

> Review the Invention Convention Judging Criteria
> Download the Student Invention Disclosure Form
> Download the Student Invention Disclosure Examples
> Review and follow the Submission Directions

How to submit Student Inventions

Students should complete the online submission form with a Parent or Guardian. The form will require the following information:
Page 1:
•  Student’s (Inventor’s) name, grade, and home address
•  Parent/Guardian’s name, phone number, and email
•  School Name
•  Teacher’s Last Name & Email
•  Date of Invention (Date Invention Form is being completed)
•  Local Newspaper Name

Page 2:

Parent or Guardian will need to read and initial each Disclosure and Consent Release Form.

Page 3:

Student description of their invention. At the bottom of the page, the student must upload a diagram of their invention design. Students should print and complete the Student Invention Disclosure Form, scan the entire page, and save as a PDF using their invention name as its filename, e.g. “Heat-a-Coat.pdf”, and upload the form during the online submission process.

NOTE: DO NOT write any names on this form. The inventions will remain anonymous during judging.

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