Senior Science Days (Presented by the Dudley Observatory)

The Dudley Observatory at miSci is committed to lifelong learning and has created programming specifically designed for adults! Come explore the museum on a quiet afternoon, then join the Dudley Observatory for an exciting astronomy lesson presented by Dudley Observatory Outreach Astronomer, Dr. Valerie Rapson. 

Cost: Free with admission

Location: varies, inquire at admissions desk


January: Hubble's Greatest Discoveries 

February: Great Gravitational Waves

March: Comets and the Rosetta Mission 

April: Pluto Revisited- Latest Discoveries from New Horizons 

May: Cassini at Saturn 

June: Juno at Jupiter 

July: Moons of Jupiter and Saturn 

August: An Update from the Curiosity Rover 

September: Sending Humans to Mars 

October: Origins of the Universe 

November: What's Next for NASA- Future Mission Plans 

December: James Webb Status Update 

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